Are you physically & emotionally exhausted?



Imagine having more energy & loving your body again

How would your life be?


Let me help you create a healthier & more balanced lifestyle using holistic nutrition and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


1. Nourish your Body

Improve your plate.

Enhance your digestion.

Balance your hormones.

2. Recharge yourself

Improve your sleep.

Detox your body.

Get rid of pain.

3. Reduce Stress

Identify limiting beliefs.

Reduce emotional stress.

Redefine yourself.

I was low in energy and had crazy allergies sneezing and running nose all the time. I had a diet that was not balanced with mostly carbs and not enough proteins. I was feeling like eating fruits and drinking juice most of the time, resulting in high sugar intake. I Also had a bit higher than normal blood cholesterol levels and was struggling to conceive.

Working with you was very easy and efficient. The root cause of my health issues and solutions were explained in a way that was easy for me to understand. One thing I really enjoyed was learning about how bad choices in your diet can affect your lifestyle, your mood and your overall well being. I also was very fascinated learning about the effects of seed rotation on the menstrual cycle. Great tip!

I didn’t realize I was craving sugar until you pointed it out ( lol just thought I love fruits a lot). By bringing more awareness to my eating habits and all the healthy meals ideas and tips  you suggested, my blood cholesterol went back to normal, I felt my energy level got better and I got used to consuming less sugar by getting over my daily glasses of juice and more protein rich foods. Also  my allergies got way better. I got pregnant 2 months after fixing my diet and my first trimester went very well without all the nausea and the morning sicknesses.


Engineer in the Tech Industry




It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
Tony Robbins

Things of the past cannot be changed, but we can certainly shape our future. How?


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As a Maths graduate & an Engineer in the High-Tech industry, nothing could have led me to think that I would find myself advocating for healthier & more balanced lifestyle. I get what it takes to have a career. It’s only after years of dragging myself all day-long and dealing with a list of symptoms which was getting longer by the day that I decided to take action. I decided to get the knowledge I needed to stop surviving and start living my life!

Today, I combine my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching skills and Holistic Nutrition knowledge to help you thrive. Because Surviving is no fun!

Not sure where to start? That’s what I’m here for! Let’s start by getting you practical wellness tips straight to your inbox.

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