If you are sick & tired of feeling drained, and having no control or direction over your life, you’re in the right place!

Hi I’m Selly and I help ambitious women bring more health and balance into their lives so they can have a more fulfilling life!

Together, we’ll break down all your complex challenges into small manageable parts and engineer a unique solution for each aspect of your life. Be ready to change your life one action at a time.

As women, we often find ourselves assuming a role of support at work, home and within our communities. We are both leaders & caregivers and without us being well (physically,emotionally & spiritually), it’s the entire family and society that suffers. Think about the last time you got ill, found yourself unable to care for others, how did it impact your loved ones and your work? Women are the game changers and pillars of societies, taking care of yourself is taking care of humanity.

I know you’ve already tried to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and might have found it simply not working with your schedule. You have so much on your plate between your job, business and family that just the idea of making changes overwhelms you. Living the healthy & balanced lifestyle portrayed in the media is definitely time consuming, constraining & not fun at all. But that is not how it should be.

To become a healthier and more balanced version of you, you need to determine what works for you (mind, body and soul) because you are unique. You need to understand your emotional patterns, uncover the nonverbal messages you are sending to people around you (making them react a certain way), you need to discover your limiting beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms you have developed. You have to understand who you are now in order to redefine yourself and your life. By combining holistic nutrition and strategic intervention coaching (Tony Robbins Coaching School), I’ll help you identify your real needs and find the physical and emotional strength to make lasting changes!

A little bit about me

I’m a problem solver, I love equations and trying to solve them. Call me geeky but I call that a god given gift.Through my training as a mathematician and engineer, I’ve learned to even further develop my ability to piece things together and resolve complex problems.

Identifying the root cause is one thing, designing a unique solution to address it is a complete different game. That’s where the engineer in me kicks in. After working for more than a decade in the engineering industry, I’ve learned to think out of the box, design complex solutions and most importantly successfully implement them.

Lastly, I went to the school of life. I’ve lived in 5 different countries across 3 continents. I’ve learned that change is the only constancy in this work and learning to embrace it is learning to succeed. I’ve learned to make change easy and natural!

What got me into nutrition & exploring emotional stress?

Well, I started experiencing health issues myself and couldn’t find a satisfying already prepared solution to my problem. So, I did what I knew to do best: identify the root cause of my problem, acquire the skills needed to design a solution and implement it.
But while pain is necessary to trigger change, you need more than that to maintain change. How to create a new life by reprogramming ourselves and breaking our patterns is what I went to learn at the Robbins-Madanes coaching center. Both Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes are giants when it comes to understanding how to help others change and create the life they want.

My vision: I am Minority becoming Majority

My entire life I thought I was minority. First I am black, female and Muslim. Second, I was born in a country where my ethnic group was discriminated (which would later turn into civil war), then I lived the life of an immigrant, always trying to find where I belonged.

I also didn’t make it easy on myself by choosing a male-dominated industry for myself so I became even more Minority. But then it dawned on me that I wasn’t minority because of my characteristics, I was minority because I was

this person who wanted to have an impact and make a difference despite her physical and emotional exhaustion,

this woman who wanted to disrupt traditions & status quo without being seen

this person who wanted life to have a meaning and purpose

I was minority because I wanted to use my brightness (yes! embrace your gifts) and ambition to make positive change happen in a friendly and giving way without compromising my emotional balance and authenticity. And all of that being possible because of the blessings of being healthy & energetic.

I wanted to be a hearty lady!

And I’m sure you too, so join me on this journey, let’s become majority



Last thing you need to know about me: Franglophone

you’ll noticed that I have a tendency to mix French and English all the time (part of my brain seems to be wired in French, nothing I can do about that,

sorry you’ll have to learn few French’s words). For people who’ve met me face to you, you’re used to me switching to French in the middle of a sentence without realizing it (now the funny thing is I find myself switching to English in the middle of a French conversation too– go figure).

so please get used to it, and grab a dictionary cuz you’ll also learn French or English.


I strongly believe that you can only rise when you help others rise with you and that’s why 2.5% of Hearty Lady Coaching’s profit is given back to charities. My cause: empowering other women in developing countries through education (because I come from Africa)!

Check out the work of these amazing organisations!

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