Just like you can turn on and off a light, certain external factors such as food constituent, toxins and exercise can turn on and off your genes. These are called epigenetic factors. To make it tangible, think of the genes which help your body fight cancer or the ones that make your body produce cholesterol or the ones responsible for sickle cell disease.

How are your day to day choices affecting you and contributing to how you feel?

What if you could improve the way you feel just by making different choices? 

I had bad eating habits and didn’t know it was worsening my Sickle Cell related anemia (drepanocytose). I was not feeling great and my energy level was low.

Working with you was very easy, pleasant and informative. I specially enjoyed the tutorials, learning about diet and its importance in overall health. People should know that your professionalism and knowledge on the subject are unmatched.

I now have a better understanding of my body, food and how to make it work for me. My diet is more balanced and nutritious. I enjoy higher levels of energy and a better health overall.


H.R. Manager & Small business Owner


It all starts with our environment:

  • what we eat, drink, how we live (not getting enough rest, over or under eating, challenging relationships, sedentary, stressful workplace…).
  • What we experience in life (see, hear, sense, endure…)


These external factors are then taken into the sacredness of ourselves and processed internally.

They either end up being:

  • beneficial, nourishing us (body, mind or soul)
  • or negatively impacting us (nutritional deficiencies, negative, self limiting thoughts, chronic stress, confusion…)

There is no neutrality!


Over time the cumulative effect of our environmental factors is directly reflected by our state:

  • how we feel: great or not so great (depression, lack of energy, brain fog, hard time concentrating, loss sense of purpose in life)
  • how we look: great or not so great (weight challenges, skin complexion issues, hair loss…

How do I work?

My work mainly revolves around understanding your goals, evaluating your environment and choices, helping you identify your limiting beliefs and build new healthier habits. This is a team work that requires your active participation in the decision making process. A solution that doesn’t work for you is not a sustainable one.



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  1. Evaluate your current lifestyle and your body’s state
  2. Identify all challenges that have been slowing down your progress so far
  3. Reframe the perceived problems & find solutions


  1. Create a practical step by step action plan
  2. Commit yourself
  3. Get the support you need to succeed


  1. Altering your behavior by adopting empowering beliefs
  2. Creating new healthier habits
  3. Eliminating internal tensions within yourself

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